Best Gaming Chair for Back Problems: Relieve Your Pain

7 Best Gaming Chairs for Back Problems to Relieve Pain in 2023

This article is for you if you enjoy playing games but cannot sit for lengthy periods due to back discomfort. I will discuss the best gaming chair for back problems in this post because I am a person who likes both playing and sitting still for long periods.

If you play games regularly, having a sturdy gaming chair is essential to prevent back pain. There is nothing worse than sitting in an office chair that pushes you into either an unhealthy or inflexible posture.

Best Gaming Chair for Back Problems: Relieve Your Pain

In this article, we looked at over 30 models and consulted with our doctor to create this list of the seven best gaming chair for back problems. It is not simply a collection of random items; each one has been thoroughly evaluated to see if it can help your back in some manner.

Let’s get things started right away!

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A Quick Glance at the Best Gaming Chair for Back Problems

  • Best Swivel Floor Chair for Console Gaming – Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair
  • Best X Rocker Chair for Console Gaming – X Rocker Pro Series Floor Video Gaming Chair
  • Great Gaming Chair Recliner – Goplus Massage Gaming Chair
  • Best Gaming Chair with Footrest for Back Problems – AutoFull Gaming Chair
  • Choice for Tall and Big People – AndaSeat Big and Tall
  • Affordable Gaming Chair for Back Pain – GTRacing Gaming Chair
  • Overall Best Gaming Chair for Back Problems – Secretlab Titan

Best Swivel Floor Chair for Console Gaming – Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair

  • Backrest Height: 25″
  • Seat Height (from floor to the seat cushion’s top): 10″ fixed
  • Lumbar Support: None
  • Backrest Recline: 4 recline positions

The Giantex 360° Swivel Gaming Chair is the finest swivel floor chair for casual gaming or reading in the living room, the first on our list of the best gaming chair for back problems. It is a spacious yet comfortable and reasonable chair that provides much better back support than a sofa.

The Giantex chair, in comparison to the X Rocker Pro, is a less sophisticated floor gaming chair in that it does not rock and does not include a vibration and audio system. On the other hand, what this chair has is a reclining backrest that you may lock into four positions to help gamers in more positions sit comfortably. The backrest is not particularly high, measuring around 25″ from the bottom of the seat to the top. We only suggest it for shorter players under 5’8″.

Regarding comfort, the Giantex chair has no equal. The high-density springs and fluffy, think sponge provides for a fantastic sitting experience. In addition, it has a fairly large swivel base, making it more convenient and fun. According to a buyer, he had to buy an extra one because the chair is so comfortable that his family fights over who gets to use it.

This chair has really nice linen upholstery, so it is both comfortable and skin-friendly.

In addition, we appreciate the fact that the fabric goes all the way to the floor. So even if your kids drag the chair across the floor, it ensures that its base will not scuff up the floor.

The chair’s only drawback is that it lacks a lumbar pillow to better support your back. But, of course, if you will be playing for a long time, you may as well use a throw pillow or even a rolled towel instead of the chair’s built-in cushion. Also, because the swivel does not lock and there are no arms to assist you in getting off the chair, some people may find it difficult to get up.

Overall, the Giantex chair is a fantastic choice for non-gamers and gamers. It is not only ideal for lounging, but it is also space-saving, light, and compact.

Giantex 360 Degree Swivel Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Folding design takes less space
  • Fabric-covered 360 degrees swivel base
  • Durable and skin-friendly linen upholstery
  • Comfy sponge and spring combination
  • Backrest locks and reclines into four positions
  • Can be tricky to get off the chair
  • Does not offer lumbar support
  • Not appropriate for all people

Best X Rocker Chair for Console Gaming – X Rocker Pro Series Floor Video Chair

  • Backrest Height: 27″
  • Seat Height (from floor to the seat cushion’s top): 9″ fixed
  • Lumbar Support: None
  • Backrest Recline: Around 20 degrees

If you are a console gaming player, you may also want to consider the extremely popular X Rocker Pro chair, as it is the best gaming chair for back problems. When playing on the floor or the sofa, you get little to no back support. The X Rocker Pro chair’s high-density foam backrest with integrated head cushion relieves tension in your entire back. In addition, the armrests can help reduce muscular strain on your back, shoulders, and neck.

The X Rocker Pro may also be utilized to unwind after a long day by rocking to your heart’s content. According to a user, the X rocker chair helped one gamer avoid back pain by preventing him from slouching.

Aside from that, the X Rocker gaming chairs are well-known for offering a full immersion experience.

Link it to your gaming device and turn on the audio. Then you can adore the synchronized vibrations and loud, punchy bass sounds while playing your favorite games. The effects in games like Fortnite just sound so real!

The major disadvantage of this chair we have discovered is the PU leather’s quality, which is average. It will most likely start to peel after a year of regular use. If that happens, simply place another cushion on the seat.

The X Rocker Pro chair is a good value for the advantages it provides. Aside from console gaming, you may also use it while reading or watching TV. One gamer claimed that his wife used it to rock their infant to sleep.

X Rocker Pro Series Floor Video Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Realistic and immersive vibration and audio system
  • Folding design to save space
  • The ability to rock decompresses the spinal pressure
  • High armrests and backrests help reduce the back issue
  • Audio to HDMI converter needed for many gaming systems
  • The chair is fixed in height
  • Seat upholstery is not durable

Great Gaming Chair Recliner – Goplus Massage Gaming Chair

  • Backrest Height: 28″
  • Seat Height (from floor to the seat cushion’s top): 14″ fixed
  • Lumbar Support: External pillow
  • Backrest Recline: 140 degrees

Do you want to play games while kicking up your legs and drinking a beer in one hand? Then, the GoPlus is an excellent option for the best gaming chair for back problems.

A padded armrest, a cushioned footrest, an adjustable side pouch, and a cup holder are among the features of this recliner chair. It also includes a vibrating massage functionality to assist you in treating your back issues.

The maximum recline angle on the high backrest of this chair is 140 degrees. A 4-point massage function is included, which you may adjust for time, position, strength, and mode. Vibration loosens tight back muscles and promotes blood flow by aiding with short-term back pain. It is actually a lot more useful than he anticipated, according to one customer.

The Goplus chair, like any good recliner, features a thickly padded wide footrest that supports your whole lower legs while activated.

However, when reclined in any gaming chair, it outperforms the footrest in terms of comfort.

The Goplus chair’s major drawback is that it is not height adjustable. This implies it is primarily intended for the living room. Unless you have an ergonomic desk that can be adjusted, you may risk having it too low if you combine it with your computer desk (the standard height of the desk is 29 inches).

A Goplus recliner is a good option for your console gaming or living room despite the potential disadvantage.

Goplus Massage Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Stable iron base
  • Decent eight mode massage function
  • Convenient side pouch and cup holder
  • High-density and thick foam padding
  • An ultra-large footrest that supports your lower legs completely
  • 1 inches think foam seat padding
  • Retractable footrest
  • Fixed 14 inches height of the seat is not appropriate to work with a computer desk

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest for Back Issue – AutoFull Gaming Chair

  • Backrest Height:5″
  • Seat Height (from floor to the seat cushion’s top): 17.3″ to 20.5″
  • Lumbar Support: External pillow
  • Backrest Recline: 155 degrees

If you find that your gaming chair’s backrest is reclined frequently (to read, watch a film/movie, or even take a nap), look for one with a kick-out footrest. The Autofill chair is one of the most well-constructed and reasonably priced choices available at the moment.

The Autofull chair includes a retractable footrest to help support your lower limbs and promote proper blood circulation when you are reclined. In addition, elevating your legs from time to time may assist in alleviating sciatica symptoms in some people.

The Autofull chair’s 5.1″ thick seat cushion is much thicker than usual, making it even more pleasant to sit in while gaming. In addition, you would not have to worry about falling over when reclined; the chair is well balanced, made even more stable with the sturdy metal frame and level 4 gas lift cylinder.

The AutoFull chair’s armrests and limited backrest recline are its main flaws.

The armrests do swivel in and out, but they do not lock into place when angled, so they may easily slip out of position with a little bump. Furthermore, we would want the backrest to recline farther than just 155 degrees, particularly since it comes with a footrest.

The Autofull chair is a decent chair when you want to relax your entire body due to the acceptable build quality and kick-out footrest, although overall, it is still the best gaming chair for back problems.

AutoFull Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Effortless assembly of screws that are pre-installed already
  • Superior build quality compared to numerous affordable gaming chair
  • 1 inches think foam seat padding
  • Retractable footrest
  • Armrests cannot lock into place while pivoted
  • The backrest reclines to just 155 degrees

Choice for Tall and Big People – AndaSeat Big and Tall

  • Backrest Height: 34″
  • Seat Height (from floor to the seat cushion’s top): 20″ to 23″
  • Lumbar Support: External lumbar pillow
  • Backrest Recline: 160 degrees

If you are a big or tall individual who likes everything about the Secretlab Titan except for the moderately firm seat, you have come to the right place. The Andaseat chair provides just what you need with a thick and soft seat that is ideal for folks who dislike sitting on a firmly built chair.

We liked the build quality of the AndaSeat Big and Tall Chair, as it was comparable to that of the Secretlab chairs. Carbon fiber is used in the PVC leather upholstery, making it almost tear-resistant. This chair’s seat padding is made of 6′′ of cold cured foam, which is the thickest we have ever seen. The base is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum like the Secretlab Titan, too.

Furthermore, as you sit and rock the backrest, this chair is completely silent. A simple test to determine how well a chair is constructed.

After two years of using this chair, a buyer who is 300+ lbs and 6’8″ tall said that it still works like new. He also mentioned that having suffered from herniated disks for a long time, this is the most comfortable chair he has ever tried.

The AndaSeat chair has the same seat-tilt locking mechanism as the Secretlab models, making it ideal for your back. The seat may be angled and then locked to work in a fully reclined position with ease. It places the least spinal pressure out of all the common sitting postures known as supine sitting.

There is still room for some improvement in this chair, but it does the job just fine. When altering its position, the arms might become trapped from time to time. The seat breadth is also somewhat restricted at 18″. It may be a little tight for gamers who play on an ultra-wide screen.

Our advice is to pick two gaming chairs: the Andaseat Big and Tall or the Secretlab Titan (and XL) if you are big and tall. However, as we said, if a soft seat is what you want, the Andaseat is all you need.

AndaSeat Big and Tall Pros & Cons

  • The maximum weight capacity is 441 lbs.
  • Sturdy recline feature with seat tilt angle lock
  • Tear-resistant carbon with fiber-coated PVC leather
  • 6 inches cold cured foam-filled seat
  • Superior build quality that can last 5 to 10 years
  • The sear width may not be adequate for extra-large size people
  • Fixed position of neck pillow
  • Sometimes arms get stuck while trying to adjust

Affordable Gaming Chair for Back Pain – GTRacing Gaming Chair

  • Backrest Height:5″
  • Seat Height (from floor to the seat cushion’s top): 16.9″ to 20.9″
  • Lumbar Support: External pillow
  • Backrest Recline: 170 degrees + tilt

The GTRacing chair is one of the most affordable gaming chairs on the market, with a well-rounded set of features for around $200. It is also one of the greatest chairs for those suffering from back pain.

The GTRacing chair’s strong backrest is one of its most important features, as it is for back pain sufferers. It may tilt and recline to a nearly horizontal 170° angle. However, unlike in many gaming chairs we have examined, you may still rock the backrest at its maximum recline angle. It helps maintain constant micro motions on your back, which one owner claims that it aids in relieving pressure on his sensitive tailbone.

The GTRacing is also superior in terms of features when compared to other budget chairs.

The 3D armrests can pivot in and out while you are typing, offering support for your arms. We adore the external neck pillow, which may be set anywhere between 0 and 4 inches above the headrest, with the cutout in the top allowing it to move up to 4 inches vertically.

Budget gaming chairs share the two limitations we have discovered. The first issue is the number of plastic parts; in our opinion, the maximum weight may not exceed 230 lbs. The seat cushion, while comfortable, is also thin (3.1 inches thick) and would not be supportive enough for heavier individuals.

In the end, if you are an average person with lower back discomfort searching for the best value, this chair is one of our selections.

GTRacing Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Superior customer support
  • Low cost
  • 3D armrests
  • Height-adjustable lumbar and neck pillows
  • Sturdy backrest reclines and tilt
  • Squeaks a little
  • Not appropriate for big folks above 230lbs

Overall Top Gaming Chair for Back Issues– Secretlab Titan

  • Backrest Height: 33″
  • Seat Height (from floor to the seat cushion’s top): 18.7″ to 22.4″
  • Lumbar Support: Depth and built-in adjustable
  • Backrest Recline: 165 degrees

The Secretlab Titan is, without a doubt, the most refined gaming chair we have ever tested. In addition, the multi-tilt mechanism in this chair, which mimics a zero-gravity seat, makes it fantastic for persons with back discomfort.

First, let us talk about the chair’s construction. Everything about the Secretlab Titan Chair screams top quality. The 5-star aluminum base is lighter yet more durable than metal. In its class, the KGS gas lift cylinder is the heaviest duty of any engine available on the market today (as of 2016).

What is the foam inside the chair’s seat made of? It is a proprietary mix from the company that is virtually snag-proof yet still quite soft. Top it off with PU leather upholstery that is 4x more resistant to peeling, and you have got yourself one long-lasting chair.

The Titan Chair’s resemblance to a zero-gravity chair is due to the chair’s sophisticated multi-tilt technology. While the maximum recline of 165 degrees is ordinary for a gaming chair, the seat tilt angle lock may be locked as well. It means that you may rest your entire body, including your back, in a reclined posture on this chair.

It is fantastic news for persons with back discomfort since the reclined position puts the least pressure on the spine.

The lumbar support on the Titan chair, like that on many gaming chairs, may also help reduce lower back pain. It is present in the backrest with a knob for adjusting its prominence. This lets you customize it to your own lower back curve rather than forcing you into a one-size-fits-all solution.

The Titan would not disappoint anybody searching for a top-of-the-line chair with superb construction, comfort, and class. Though the price is high, you will get your money’s worth if you spend 5 to 10 years gaming pain-free.

Secretlab Titan Pros & Cons

  • Up to 5 years of warranty
  • Additional comfortable gel-infused external neck cushion
  • 165° recline along with sear tilt angle lock
  • Broad 4D arms with a soft exterior
  • Highly peel-resistant and velvety PU leather upholstery
  • Top-notch build quality with a minimum of 5 years lifespan
  • Additional depth of lumbar support may not be adequate for some
  • The seat cushion can be too firm for some people
  • The backrest cannot rock while fully reclined
The Verdict:

Here you go!

All in all, there you have it – seven fantastic gaming chairs that can keep you pain-free even after a lengthy gaming session. All the seven items are the best gaming chair for back problems. Go! Buy today! And enjoy your game!


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