Best $100 Gaming Chair

Best $100 Gaming Chair You Should Buy in 2023 (Updated)

Do you want to learn about the best $100 gaming chair? If you do not have a lot of money but want some great gaming chairs, this article is for you.

Ergonomic gaming chairs are more than simply office chairs with headrest cushions, adjustable recline, lots of cushioning, and ergonomically molded armrests that help you battle your foes.

Best $100 Gaming Chair

Whether you are a casual gamer or one who spends many hours daily battling baddies in Call of Duty, having an ergonomic gaming chair to help you power through your heroic endeavors is more critical than it may appear. Due to the long hours spent in one position when we game, musculoskeletal problems such as neck and back discomfort, stiffness of hands, and even carpal tunnel syndrome are all quite common in people who play games.

If you are on a budget, I have handpicked the top seven ergonomic gaming chairs for you. All of them are under or around $100 (prices subject to change), allowing you to play in greater comfort and better health for just a few dollars more than the newest AAA game. It is an easy call. You would not find any better gaming chairs within this price range.

Please Note: Prices may be subjected to change. Therefore, confirm final prices before buying.

Best $100 Gaming Chair at a Quick Glance

  • Modern Depot Gaming Chair
  • Vitesse Gaming Chair Office
  • Homall Leather Racing Style Gaming Chair
  • OFM Essentials Gaming Chair
  • Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  • Devoko Ergonomic High-Back PC Gaming Chair

Now, let us discuss the best $100 gaming chair one by one in detail!

Modern Depot Gaming Chair

  • Ergonomic high-back reclining chair, lumbar support, and detachable headrest
  • Fully reclined, the chair can be locked anywhere between 90 – 180 degrees
  • Made of a nylon base, iron frame, PVC leather, easy to adjust the height, butterfly mechanism
Warranty Request from customer service
Recline Degree 90 – 180 degrees
Dimensions 51.2’’ x 20.9’’ x 28.3’’ (H x W x L)
Capacity 330 lbs
Weight 37 lbs


If it is not broken, do not fix it. Modern Depot’s chair, like the Devoko and Homall chairs, has a strangely familiar design. There is a reason for that. The chair’s back and seat curve towards the user, providing ample space to adjust sitting posture while still retaining the curving sides. Not to mention the vast amount of padding that allows chair users to feel comfy as they sit up and support their lower backs and necks. Expect it to be just as sturdy with a steel back and seat frame, such as Homall’s gaming chair.

The height-adjustable armrests are one of the distinctions between the Modern Depot and console gaming chairs. If you have shorter arms, they lift 4 inches when needed, which is fantastic.

It is similar in function to the Homall chair reviewed earlier, with a locking tilt feature and a rocking option.

By adjusting a lever, users can switch between “comfortable working mode” (90 degrees), “full nap mode” (180 degrees), and “pleasant watching video mode” (100 degrees). On the negative side, some customers have complained about the balance and hydraulic lift with some chairs.

The Modern Depot is one of the greatest in the $100 price range for those still seeking a traditional high back gaming chair reasonably.

Modern Depot Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • The backrest reclines all the way flat
  • Light chair ideal for more lightweight and smaller people
  • Height adjustable armrests to improve arms support
  • Maximum weight capacity is deceptive – the valid number is 200 lbs

Bottom Line

This best $100 gaming chair has a familiar ergonomic design as the chairs mentioned above, with height-adjustable armrests

Vitesse Gaming Chair Office

  • Multi-function: Recline between 90 – 180 degrees, maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds, 360 degrees swivel
  • Selected stuff: Vitesse gaming chair with wear-resisting and soft carbon fiber style premium PU
  • Ergonomic design: This chair is made with a human-oriented ergonomic structure to offer comfort
Warranty One year warranty
Recline Degree 90 – 155 degrees
Dimensions 43 – 47’’ x 19’’ x 20.5’’ (H x W x L)
Capacity 300 lbs
Weight 43 lbs


The legs are not as well cared for in all of the budget gaming chairs. While the chairs mentioned above give an excellent arm and body support, they do not pay much attention to the legs. Like the ones listed above, this Vitesse gaming chair has a pull-out and wide footrest that caters to upper and lower limbs. This chair is a good choice if you feel the need to stretch out your legs or even take a quick snooze between gaming sessions. Do not expect the footrest to provide you with more than momentary comfort for your legs, though.

The Vitesse gaming chair’s sturdy backrest is a welcomed feature.

It can recline all the way back to a maximum of 155 degrees, allowing you to take short naps in the chair if desired.

However, according to some consumers, delivery and quality control problems were apparent, such as missing or broken components when they ordered the Vitesse chair. On the plus side, Vitesse’s excellent and honest customer service is a nice touch, even turning some dissatisfied customers into fans in their reviews! Overall, a nice $100 gaming chair is comparable in many ways to the AKRacing and DXRacer but does not cost hundreds more.

Vitesse Gaming Chair Office Pros & Cons

  • Only gamin chair in this range with the footrest
  • Comfortable neck and lumbar pillows
  • Non-height adjustable and fixed armrests
  • Quality problems with shipping

Bottom Line

This is the best $100 gaming chair with a flip-out footrest that supports your lower body.

Homall Leather Racing Style Gaming Chair

  • Wide application: this chair is used as an executive swivel chair for the office, and a racing style gaming chair
  • Comfortable armrest: flip-up padded armrests are intended to get rid of the fatigue in your arms
  • Fashion and ergonomic: the ergonomic gaming chair with think backrest and wide seat for most individuals
Warranty 1-month money back, six months damage replacement
Recline Degree 90 – 180 degrees
Dimensions 45.7 – 49.5’’ x 20.5’’ x 18.75’’ (H x W x L)
Capacity 280 lbs
Weight 37.5 lbs


The Homall chair has established itself as a leader in gaming chair innovation, and it also applies to their mid-back models such as this one. The fire-red highlights combine with traditional black and white tones to immediately stimulate you to get your game on while leaving plenty of money on the table for other critical gaming gear.

The Homall Leather Gaming Chair has a relatively robust SGS certified gas lift that can support 280 pounds. The chair seat can raise 4″ (17 inches to 20.75 inches) to match the height of your desk, complementing the mid-back PC gaming chair’s flexibility. You have a versatile mid-back PC gaming chair that may fit in any tight office or home area with a pair of well-padded armrests that can flip up to vanish.

The Hotmall Chair is a fantastic choice for gamers who need to adapt well and quickly.

The chair’s massive 20.5″ broad seat should comfortably support even somewhat larger users, but keep in mind the maximum 280-pound weight restriction. The PU leather on the Hotmall chair is durable, though one customer reported that the paint flaked off after a few weeks. Hotmall’s customer support staff is swift and should correct any problems you have with the chair, including giving you a full refund within the first month.

For those searching for a tiny, racing-style gaming chair that may also be used as a standard office chair during non-gaming hours, the Hotmall Leather Gaming Chair is an excellent alternative if you are looking for something within $100 price.

Homall Leather Racing Style Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • A budget-friendly item, below 100 dollars
  • Large 180 tilt that can be locked to relax between taking down foes
  • Flip-up armrests that can help you get out of the way when not required
  • Cutting edge racecar design in the mid-back-office chair
  • The cushioning on the chair can be thicker
  • Some people complain that the paint flaked off the chair quickly

Bottom Line

You will get an excellent racing-inspired design in an affordable, conventional, and the best $100 gaming chair.

OFM Essentials Gaming Chair

  • An adjustable racing chair: features flip-up arms, center-tilt control, and height adjustment
  • Ergonomic swivel chair: with padded arms, integrated padded headrest, and contoured segmented padding
  • Computer gaming chair: a race car designed chair that offers comfort and luxury while being used
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty
Recline Degree > 90 degrees
Dimensions 48.3 – 52.1’’ x 28.1’’ x 29.3’’ (H x W x L)
Capacity 250 lbs
Weight 37 lbs


In terms of design, gaming chairs thus far have been reasonably similar. However, you can tell immediately that this chair differs from the others simply by looking at it. The lumbar cushion and headrest pillow, as well as the inwards-oriented seat sides, are all gone. Some individuals may miss the lack of a high back and individual cushions, but this makes the OFM Essentials PC Gaming Chair much more transportable while also making it suitable for use as an office chair when your employer comes in.

Overall, the OFM Gaming Chair provides adequate ergonomic support.

The padded armrests provide a little more loving than the plastic armrests on other chairs, and they can be removed if you do not want to use them. The chair is covered in a premium PU leather called SoFtThread, which is softer to the touch. The ergonomic cut-out of the backrest and thick padding feel fantastic as I recline.

The OFM Gaming Chair is an affordable yet sturdy chair ideal for office or gaming sessions. It is a fantastic option for people who want fewer adjustable parts to reduce points of failure while still providing maximum comfort.

OFM Essentials Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Extended warranty than other chairs for more customer support if required
  • Padded armrests provide more arm comfort and can be retracted while getting in the way
  • A gaming chair that can be double as the office chairs with a highly conventional design
  • A lower weight capacity and few functions as compared to other gaming chairs
  • The tilt range does not appear to be as large as other gaming chairs mentioned here
  • No lumbar pillows and headrest can mean the least ergonomic comfort for some chairs

Bottom Line

This is the best $100 gaming chair that can double as the regular office chair used during the break.

Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair

  • Selected stuff: elasticity resilience, anti-oxidation, more comfort, and high-density shaping foam
  • Fashionable: the new work of homily’s expert designer, featuring well-known elements
  • Occasion: Homall’s racer gaming chair, ideal for gaming room, conference occasion, home, and office
Warranty 1-year warranty
Recline Degree 90 – 155 degrees (despite advertised 180 degrees)
Dimensions 51’’ x 21’’ x 20.5’’ (H x W x L)
Capacity 260 lbs
Weight 38.5 lbs


The Homall chair is the best $100 gaming chair, hands down. It has more lavish padding than the Devoko and is more appropriately constructed. The only drawback is that it has a relatively modest 155 degrees backrest recline angle (compared to 180 degrees on the Devoko).

In 1 month of testing the Homall gaming chair, we were delighted.

Given the chair’s low price, we were both impressed by the quality and quantity of cushioning. There are about 4 inches of very cushy foam in the seat, and the backrest cushioning is also superior to most gaming chairs priced at $200 or more. It is also an excellent DXRacer substitute at a low price.

The armrests on the Homall, like those on the Devoko chair, are not adjustable as they are fixed. As a result, the backrest reclines less than other models, which may concern individuals who prefer to lie flat in the chair from time to time.

The critical difference between the Devoko chair and the Homall is this: more seat padding or backrest recline?

Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Universally liked color scheme and design
  • Inexpensive than Devoko chair while on sale
  • Quite supportive and generous padding
  • The backrest does not recline as far back as with some opponents
  • Non-adjustable and fixed armrests

Bottom Line

This is an almost-as-good and cheaper alternative to the Devoko gaming chair.

Devoko Ergonomic High-Back PC Gaming Chair

  • Heavy-duty racing chair with global standards explosion-proof gas and integrated metal frame
  • 360-degree swivel rotation with high-quality mute rolling wheels to avoid scraping on the floorboard
  • Devoko high back gaming chair covered by high-quality leather and adjustable
Warranty 1-month refund or free replacement, six months for free replacement of parts
Recline Degree 90 – 180 degrees
Dimensions 46.6 – 50.5’’ x 19.8’’ x 20.5’’ (H x W x L)
Capacity 300 lbs
Weight 45.5 lbs


This chair, which has a bright color scheme set off by a black frame, is probably familiar to you in various Internet cafés. Indeed, the chair’s form gives it the appearance of coming from a Gran Turismo or Need for Speed game.

The chair’s high curved and breathable polyurethane leather back and bucket seat, as well as an adjustable lumbar cushion and detachable headrest, allow you to customize your virtual self while supporting your actual life avatar.

The tilt function is one that you will be glad to see. The completely lockable tilt adjustment allows you to change between sleeping modes, relaxing, reading, and working with a range that far surpasses the competition. In fact, this gaming chair relines the way back to 180 degrees – making it ideal for recharging the batteries after being thoroughly pwned by your foes.

The Devoko Gaming Chair’s adjustability is a given, with a safety gas spring.

The scratch-resistant polyurethane casters let you move around freely while waiting to respawn on any surface. The Devoko chair has detachable armrests that cannot be flipped back, but you have the option of not using them if desired.

The Devoko chair is the most delicate gaming chair you can buy for under $100 with a strong frame that supports up to 300 pounds, cutting-edge design, and broad back and seat dimensions. In addition, the vendor appears to provide fantastic client service, making it your best option for a cheap gaming chair.

Devoko Ergonomic High-Back PC Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Detachable lumbar pillow and headrest for additional customization
  • Large 180 degree recline to relax between gaming completely
  • Tried-and-tested design of gaming chair for proven ergonomic support and comfort
  • A new chair can have a chemical smell
  • Armrests are not adjustable and fixed

Bottom Line

This is the best $100 gaming chair, with a double neck, large back, and lumbar pillows for more comfort.

FAQs about Best Gaming Chairs under 100$

Why should I invest in a gaming chair?

If you sit down and play games for a few hours at a time regularly, you might need a decent gaming chair. Maintaining poor posture for lengthy durations can lead to medical issues such as back discomfort, decreased blood flow, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Getting a well-made ergonomic gaming chair might aid in the maintenance of a healthy and pleasant sitting posture for extended periods of gameplay. Gaming chairs are often brightly colored, making them fashionable additions to your room’s decor. They may also set the mood or atmosphere in your area, providing others the impression that you are serious about gaming (in the general sense).

What sets gaming chairs apart from other chairs?

Gaming chairs are intended for gamers who spend several hours a day in front of a computer screen. As a result, the primary purpose of these seats is to provide a comfortable sitting experience while also assisting your body in a natural position to protect against long-term injuries. Gaming chairs may have additional features that aid in maintaining a constant posture (for example, extra padding, lumbar and headrest pillows, or full recline). Remote controls for your TV and/or console, built-in audio, console connectivity, and even a massage setting are all possible extras on gaming chairs.

What are the essential features to search for in a chair?

Because you want your chair to support a good posture when sitting in it for lengthy periods of time, ergonomic support (such as the shape of the chair, the thickness of the padding, and the flexibility of the pillow) is crucial.

A variety of gaming chairs are available. While some fantastic ergonomic gaming chairs cost five PS4s, the most significant chair is the one that provides you with the most comfort and usefulness. Other essential features include material quality and design, sturdiness, adjustability, mobility, and range of motion when choosing a good gaming chair. In addition, more specific elements of a gaming chair, such as design, height-adjustable armrests, Bluetooth connectivity, and subwoofer sound systems (depending on your gaming requirements), are essential.

Who can use a gaming chair?

Anyone can use a gaming chair, and it is the same as being a gamer. Children and adults alike can utilize a gaming chair, although specific types are made for certain age groups or demographics (e.g., kids or heavier and wider people). While sitting in a chair (if you have the chance) is the most effective approach to check whether it is suitable for you.

What are some of the best chair manufacturers?

Several well-known companies are there, such as RapidX, Vertagear, GT Omega, AKRacing, X Rocker, DXRacer, and many more. There are numerous types of gaming chairs available, and they all have varying price points and features. You may want to set a budget and the characteristics you desire before beginning your search for a gaming chair. That does not imply that chairs from other manufacturers are not comparable (if not superior) in terms of quality; some gaming chair review sites even suggest IKEA and Herman Miller models!

Do gaming chairs make you a better gamer?

Is it possible to get better at games while sitting in one seat? It is an age-old question… Maybe? You can avoid health problems that worsen with time and impair your ability to play video games by sitting in a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair. Sitting in a chair with poorly designed armrests, for example, can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, which is when you have wrist pain that makes it demanding to move the wrists.

For some games, pressing many keys or buttons may be difficult, which is likely to limit your gaming abilities. Using an ergonomic gaming chair might help you relax, which can assist your gameplay. We cannot promise this, though — you may fall asleep in your chair as it is pretty comfortable and does not improve your performance! On the other side of things, you may discover that a gaming chair with built-in speakers aids your reaction time when approaching foes. Practice makes a man perfect; it is not what you use to play that matters so much as how you do it.

Gaming on a Budget with these 100$ Gaming Chairs

There is no need to spend a lot of money on an ergonomic office chair if you are gaming on a budget. However, having witnessed how some of them cost under $100, there is simply no excuse not to invest in an ergonomic workstation chair. In addition, sitting in the same position for a long time may do a number on your feet, back, and hands. Therefore maintaining good posture can help you avoid the considerably more significant expense of disability and medical expenses.

So, what are you waiting for? These are the best $100 gaming chair you must buy within no time!

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