How to Connect X Rocker Gaming Chair Bluetooth? Ultimate Guide

How to Remove Wheels From Gaming Chair? Beginners Guide

Are you looking for the best solution how to remove wheels from gaming chairs? Check out our beginner’s guide to learn the best ways to do it!

Whether you work in the office or at home, you always need to have the right setup that is comfortable for you to sit and work all day. Similar is the case in gaming chairs which you need to have to play games all day.

How to Connect X Rocker Gaming Chair Bluetooth? Ultimate Guide
Make sure to have a functional and perfectly designed gaming chair. Besides this, you must have a chair with high-quality wheels to get a productive and comfortable experience. Most of the time, wheels undergo scratches and other issues which produce sound.
In that case, you need to replace the wheels and casters with new ones. But the question is how to remove wheels from gaming chairs. To know the answer to this question, keep reading this blog.

How To Remove Wheels From Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is the right option to use for a long time when you have to play games. But most of the time your chair has damaged wheels due to any reason. So you have to replace wheels but don’t know how to remove wheels from a gaming chair.
Though it is not a difficult process, and you can do it manually without using the tool and taking any help. Let’s go through the following step-by-step guide to learn how to remove wheels from a gaming chair:

1. Lay office chair on its side:

To replace the wheels on an office chair with feet, you first need to put your chair on the ground or keep it upside down on a table, floor, or any other surface with wheels facing upward and easily accessible to you.
But before it, make sure to place a blanket to prevent any scratches to your floor or surface. Also, ensure that the chair is stable while placing and will not fall during the removal process. It is good to take help if the chair is heavy and difficult to control.

2. Remove a strung caster:

How to remove wheels from gaming chairs? Turn the wheels clockwise and remove the strung caster. Casters are connected to the chair through the metal stem. This item is present in the leg and housing of the office chair wheel base that keeps the chair in place.
Different types of metal stems are available in the chair designs. If one stem has a screw caster, make sure to twist it enough. Then turn the roller in the clockwise direction. This way caster will move, so keep rolling it until it becomes loosens.

3. Pull out a grip stem type caster:

You can pull the stem caster by using lubricant. While doing this, make sure to keep your hand at the base of the chair. Grab the caster with the second hand and pull it from the socket. It is good to use any lubricant or grease to lubricate the joint of the caster and frame. This way, it will become easy to pull the caster from the socket. Also, make sure to wear gloves or use a towel while pulling and grabbing. If possible, use work gloves for better grip.

4. Peer chair wheel with offhand tools:

How to remove wheels from gaming chairs? When the roller of the caster wheels is rusted, and it is difficult to pull it away from the chair with bare hands, then you can peer the wheel with offhand tools. These may either be kitchen knives or scissors or any other object which helps to pull the wheels. But make sure to have a tool with a wide blade to pull the bar from the socket easily.

5. Using screwdriver:

Insert the screwdriver between the wheel and chair base for the office chair wheels screw fix. Then slowly push it until the caster starts moving. If the angle is not okay, you can adjust the screwdriver to gain more leverage. Also, you can ask anyone else to hold the chair and pull it from one side.

6. Removing casters with the pry bar’s nail-pulling slot:

How to remove caster wheels? Another way to remove casters is the use of a pry bar. Keep the tool on the stem and pull the caster in the upward direction as possible. If it is difficult to pull, lubricate the stem with oil. Then keep it for some time or a few hours, and then try again to pull. After some time, the caster wheel will be in your hands.


We have gone through the ways of how to remove wheels from gaming chairs. However, it is not a difficult process, so you can do it without taking any help and using any tool or equipment.
Commonly chairs have black caster wheels, which may leave a mark on your floor. So, in that case, you need to have a new set of wheels that don’t do like this. Obviously, buying a new set of wheels is cheaper than buying a new chair.

Can I remove the wheels from my gaming chair without any tools?

Yes, many gaming chairs come with removable wheels, so you can remove them without using tools.

Do I need to remove the locking mechanism before taking out the wheels?

Yes, chairs come with a locking mechanism, so you need to unlock it first, then remove the wheels to replace casters with feet.

Are all gaming chair wheels interchangeable?

It is not necessary. Some chairs have wheels with a universal design, so make sure to check the feature of the chair. Also, make sure that the replacement wheels are according to the type and size of the chair.

How do you maintain caster wheels?

Make sure to inspect the casters to remove any dust and dirt. For this, you can use duct and electrical tape. For maintenance of metal casters wheels, you can use WD-40 and lubrication.

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