How to Fix My Gaming Chair? Step-by-Step Beginners Guide

How to Fix My Gaming Chair? Step-by-Step Beginners Guide

 Are you feeling uncomfortable because of the bad support of your gaming chair? Read our guide about how to fix my gaming chair with simple steps!

How to Fix My Gaming Chair? Step-by-Step Beginners Guide

Every game lover must have the right gaming chair on which he can sit for a long day to play games and become productive. Also, gaming chairs offer support and comfort for a long day without fatigue.

But after some time, you may start noticing gaming chair problems. It is not only bad for you, but also it affects your gaming experience. So, in that case, you need to fix such issues to bring the refreshing condition of your chair. But how to fix my gaming chair? Further, we will guide you through a step-by-step guide for fixing your gaming chair!

How to Fix a Gaming Chair That Won’t Stay Up?

If your gaming chair is damaged or squeaky, then you need to fix it early, but before it, you need to find the source of the noise. Make sure to check from where the noise is coming. The following are some sources of irritating noise:

  • Wheels
  • Gas lift mechanism
  • Bolts and screws
  • Backrest area

Once you find the source of the irritating noise, then it is time to go through step by step guide on how to fix my gaming chair.

Step 1: Tight The Nuts, Bolts And Screws

How to fix my gaming chair? At first, you have to turn your chair and look at its hardware. If you have assembled the chair yourself, then you will know all the critical parts.

Then take a screwdriver and tight all loose screws, nuts, and bolts. It is also good to tighten parts that are not loose. Checking these items is necessary because much sitting may pressurize such parts, and they become loose.

After you tighten all parts, check if there is still noise coming from your chair.

Step 2: Grease The Mechanisms

How to fix a gaming chair that won’t stay up? If possible, use a greasing mechanism to lubricate all nuts, screws, and bolts so it will be easy for you to loosen all joints. For greasing, you can use WD-40 or oil. It is good to ask your friend in a department store to provide you with lubricating oil.

If you want the easiest process, you can use a cotton cloth and dip it in the oil, then rub it on the problem area. Make sure to grease the chair regularly to prevent squeaking noise.

Step 3: Remove The Bolts And Screws To Add Any Lubricant

How to fix my gaming chair? Make sure to remove all bolts and screws and then add lubricant. Take all these tiny parts and put them in the lubricating machine before inserting them into the chair.

Step 4: The Helping Friend

You can ask your friend to know the source of the irritating noise coming out of your chair. Your friend will help you to know by sitting or lubricating the chair.

Check if your friend is swiveling side by side. So locate the areas from noise is coming and apply oil on such areas. Make sure to apply oil in the right area, and if you are confused, ask your friend to sit again.

Step 5: Fix The Squeaking Sound In The Back Of Your Chair

How to fix my gaming chair? The main reason for the irritating sound is when you lean back on it. Also, when you put more pressure on the back side and touch the spring ends with the housing ends, then the noise is produced.

So it is good to apply the oil on the seat tension and inside the knob housing. If possible, loosen the tension knob and apply oil to it.

Step 6: Check Out If It’s The Wheels Causing The Noise

How to fix my gaming chair? Wheels are also the reason for the irritating noise coming from the chair. So to fix such an issue, you have to turn over the chair and lubricate each wheel. Then turn the chair again and keep it for some hours.

Step 7: Your Chair Is Your Friend…Right?

Your chair may undergo wear and tear and damage, whether it is a gaming chair or an office chair. So always remain gentle with your chair while sitting on it and avoid jumping and putting stress.

Still, Hearing That Annoying Squeaking Noise?

How to fix peeling gaming chair? If you have used all of the above mentioned steps, but the irritating noise is still coming out of the chair. Then the source of this noise may be the gas lift piston. In that case, you have to tear down the piston.

In some cases, lubricating mechanisms work best to maintain the chair. But in some cases, you have to find another way for gaming chair repair near me. So, in that case, you can spray each moving part and fasten it correctly.


We have discussed the seven best steps of how to fix my gaming chair. Though all these steps are easy and there is nothing so difficult, so, you must follow these steps to bring your chair in good condition to keep it last for several years.

Though any chair may undergo wear and tear and another issue, so, in that case, these steps will help to prevent any noise and will repair the gaming chair seat.

Can gaming chairs be repaired?

Yes, gaming chairs can be repaired in just 30 minutes to 1 hour. But if the problem is more serious, then you can use a gaming chair repair kit for the damaged chair.

How do you fix a gaming chair that won’t go up?

A bad lifting mechanism and gas cylinder cause failure in reclining the gaming chair. So it is good to replace the cylinder. For this, you have to remove the base and clips and then remove the cylinder using the wrench. Then replace a new cylinder in the reverse order but make sure to be careful.

Do gaming chairs go up and down?

Yes, gaming chairs have an adjustable height feature that helps you to raise up and down the chair using a lever or button.

Why is my gaming chair wobbly?

There are many reasons for wobbly gaming chairs. These include loose seats, short legs, and damaged wheels. So when you sit on this wobbly chair for a long time, it causes discomfort and other serious issues. It is why you must address the wobbly chair as early as possible.


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