Best Gaming Chair for Short Person

5 Best Gaming Chair for Short Person in 2023

 If you are getting the best gaming chair for short person among you, some factors to consider are: First, the backrest needs to be fit appropriately, so your neck and back are not out of alignment with support while sitting. Second, if the seat is too high, your feet will slightly dangle off the floor, which cuts off circulation to the thighs. 

Best Gaming Chair for Short Person

We did the homework for you and came up with a list of gaming chairs that will both fit your height preferences and budget expectations. Below are five gaming chairs that fit shorter people. Are you not feeling like a smaller party in the game room? Check out the best gaming chair for short person.

Best Gaming Chair for Short Person at a Quick Glance

  • SiteRite Children Chair – Best Gaming Chair for Petite Adults and Children
  • KaiMeng Gaming Chair – Best Affordable Choice for Short People
  • Hbada Gaming Chair – Best Choice with Footrest
  • AKRacing California – Best Overall for Petite Individuals
  • GTracing Gaming Chair – Best Overall for Short Persons

What You Should Look for in a Gaming Chair for Short Person and Petite People

 Manufacturers use the term “ergonomic” to label their gaming chairs, but it only applies to people with average body frames. For petite people or those who are shorter than 5’8″, the mainstream gaming chair is going to be too big because of its size. 

When buying best gaming chair for short person, there are two main factors to consider beyond just the overall size:

Height of the Chair

Ensure your gaming chair has a minimum seat height of 18 inches. Having anything below this makes the chair less comfortable and can lead to leg numbness or varicose veins over time.

Refer to the below table for a more accurate height requirement based on your leg length, with a seat height of 18 inches or more:

Height in Feet Ideal Height of Chair in Inches Height in Centimeters Perfect Height of Chair in Centimeters
5’7″ 18 inches 169 cm 45.6 cm
5’6″ 17.8 inches 166.5 cm 44.9 cm
5’5″ 17.5 inches 164 cm 44.2 cm
5’4″ 17.2 inches 161.5 cm 43.6 cm
5’3″ 17 inches 159 cm 42.9 cm
5’2″ 16.7 inches 156.5 cm 42.2 cm
5’1″ 16.4 inches 154 cm 41.5 cm
5’0″ 16.2 inches 151.5 cm 40.9 cm
4’11” 15.9 inches 149 cm 40.2 cm


If a gaming chair’s seat is slightly too high for you, keep your feet on the ground with a footrest.

Depth of the Seat

The most crucial factor to consider when deciding on the size of your gaming chair is the seat depth for short people. As long as the seat pan is large enough to fit your body, it shouldn’t be that difficult for short or petite people to find a chair that fits.

Seating depth is the distance between the front edge of a seat to its backrest.

An ergonomic chair will leave about one to two inches of space between the edge of the seat and your back when it is pushed up against the backrest. As a result, when the backs of your knees come into contact with a seat, pressure is increased behind your thighs. It can lead to lower-leg circulation issues.

As a short person, you want to make sure the seat depth of your gaming chair is 20″ or less. If no lumbar pillow is included, 18″ seems to be the optimal number. Gaming chairs can be uneasy for shorter people. Here are five short-person game chair recommendations.

SiteRite Children Chair – Best Gaming Chair for Petite Adults and Children

  • Ideal User: 3’3″ – 5’6″
  • Backrest Height: 16.1″
  • Seat Depth: 16″ – 17.6″
  • Seat Width: ~16″
  • Height Range: 16.7″ to 19.6″

More parents are turning to ergonomic chairs for their children. This award-winning chair is a great example of the best gaming chair for short person that will grow with your child and help them maintain good sitting posture while they study. The SiteRite gaming chair grows with the child because it has adjustable features, perfectly serving their needs.

The SiteRite children’s chair is perfect for small spaces, and it has features that will adjust to your child as they continue to grow.

Because the seat height can lower a minimum of 16.7″, children under 4’11” or short adults may want to attach the included footrest to get that number as low as 9.7″.

The SiteRite also features an adjustable seat depth, a critical feature that ensures the seat fits your child even as they are growing. Seat depth is 16″ by default and can be increased to 17.6″ by moving the seat forward.

Most children’s chairs are too tall for children under 4. The SiteRite Gaming Chair offers an ideal height of 16″ and a small backrest that’s perfect for kids who are 3′ 4″ or shorter.

The SiteRite mobile chairs have superior anti-shifter footplates that keep your chair moving until you place appropriate weight on them. A stationary chair and desk significantly improve the safety of young children and also helps them focus better on their tasks. For example, young children sitting in car seats are safer than those without and also helps them focus on the task at hand instead of moving around frequently.

As a testament to how well the SiteRite is also for short people and petite adults, one woman who is 4’10” was ecstatic to find a chair that fit her petite body frame.

The SiteRite children’s chair is one of the best investments you can make for your child because it will fit so well. The chair’s sharp edges, comfortable design, high durability, and expansion options make it a clear winner.

SiteRite Children Chair Pros & Cons

  • Grow with your child
  • Adjustable features
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Superior anti-shifter foot
  • Platesideal height of 16″
  • No cons at all

KaiMeng Gaming Chair – Best Affordable Choice for Short People

  • Ideal User: 4’8 – 5’6″
  • Backrest Height: 26.93″
  • Seat Depth: 20.1″
  • Seat Width: 19.5″
  • Height Range: 13.5″ to 16.5″

If you’re on a budget and looking for the best gaming chair for short person that won’t break the bank, then KaiMeng is an alternative. While this Gaming Chair doesn’t deliver many ergonomic features, it makes up for that by offering exceptional comfort for small or kids-sized users.

The chair has a seat height of 13.5″ to 16.5″, and the backrest measures just 27″ tall as well as offering supportive neck support.

This collection of miniature-sized classic games is perfect for gamers 4’8″ and shorter. In fact, one parent states that their chair has “fit them perfectly and has held up well even after months of use” for both her 12- and 14-year-old teens.

The chair comes with two holes near the headrest, which allows a steady stream of airflow to reach your neck and head. In addition, the headrest provides decent padding for your shoulders and neck. The seat cushion is also comfortable.

With a price as low as $100, there are drawbacks. For example, the armrests on this chair aren’t adjustable, and the back is only slightly reclined and doesn’t lock into place to ease pressure on your back from time to time.

The KaiMeng gaming chair has its drawbacks as it is not a good option for anyone beyond small adults or teenagers and should only be used as a secondary or short-term chair around the home.

KaiMeng Gaming Chair Pros & Cons

  • Supportive neck support
  • Both her 12- and 14-year-old teens
  • Steady stream of airflow
  • Decent padding for your shoulders and neck.
  • Price as low as $100
  • The armrests on aren’t adjustable
  • Not a good option beyond small adults or teenagers
  • Secondary or short-term chair

Hbada Gaming Chair – Best Choice with Footrest

  • Ideal User: 5’2″ to 6′
  • Backrest Height: 31.5″
  • Seat Depth: 21.65″
  • Seat Width: 14.5″
  • Height Range: 15.74″ to 18.89″

The Hbada gaming chair has a low seat height of just 15.7 inches, making it ideal for short individuals as little as 5’2″. In addition, the kick-out footrest makes the chair stand out from the rest, which can be helpful if you like to sit in a deeply reclined position.

A footrest, from our observations, is a game-changer when you want to sit in a reclined posture for longer than a few minutes, such as reading or even catching a quick nap.

The Hbada chair’s footrest retracts readily, making it convenient to utilize on a whim. It is a tiny compact, but it should be enough for smaller people to support their legs.

A backrest that reclines up to 155 degrees goes with the footrest. It is less than the previous two chairs, but it’s more than adequate for total relaxation.

The Hbaba’s build quality is adequate like all affordable gaming chairs, but it isn’t built for people who weigh a lot. We think it’s suitable for people up to 230 pounds based on the nylon foundation and the number of plastic parts. That’s usually enough for short and petite people.

The bottom line is that if you’re searching for the best gaming chair for short person with a footrest to really chill out from time to time, the Hbada is an excellent choice that won’t break the bank.

Hbada gaming chair Pros & Cons

  • Ideal for short individuals
  • Kick-out footrest
  • Sit in a deeply reclined position
  • Footrest retracts readily
  • Reclines up to 155 degrees
  • Isn’t built for people who weigh a lot
  • Less reclines than the previous two chairs

AKRacing California – Best Overall for Petite Individuals

  • Ideal User: 4’9″ – 5’6″
  • Backrest Height: 27.7″
  • Seat Depth: 17.7″
  • Seat Width: 15″
  • Height Range: 17.5″ to 20″

The word “petite” is used in the fashion industry to designate 5’3″ or shorter people. However, it includes not just short individuals but also those who are tiny in stature. If you fall into this category, the AKRacing California gaming chair is the best gaming chair for short person.

The AKRacing California is only available to small people who are between 4’9″ and 5’6″. Therefore, the chair has been scaled down to match the proportions of petite humans.

The seat height (from floor to top of the seat cushion) is as low as 17.5 inches. The backrest is also one of the smallest we’ve seen, measuring 27.7 inches tall. The external neck pillow should be placed as close to your face as possible while still allowing the inner cervical spine support pillows (discounting the wings) to fit beneath your cervical spine when you lean back. The seat width is 15″ across, excluding the wings, exactly as in the GTRacing chair above.

Like the GTRacing chair, the California chair has a wide backrest that reclines all the way flat to 180 degrees and 3D armrests that one can adjust in both lengths (move forward and back) and angle (rotate). All of this leads to a tiny gaming chair that one 5’0″ 130lbs person claims fit her well.

Another central selling point of the AKRacing California over its competitors is the higher build quality. When we last tested another AKRacing chair, the most notable was how well everything was put together. There’s no annoying squeaking, and all of the components exude quality, from the silky-smooth PU leather to the chilly cured foam cushioning.

If you’re a short person, gaming chairs aren’t very numerous. Fortunately, AKRacing California is one of the best gaming chair for short person.

AKRacing California Pros & Cons

  • Best gaming chair for short person
  • Scaled down to match the proportions of petite humans
  • Inner cervical spine support pillows
  • Wide backrest
  • Higher build quality
  • Silky-smooth PU leather
  • Only available to small people
  • The seat height is as low as 17.5 inches

GTracing Gaming Chair – Best Overall for Short Persons

  • Ideal User: 5’4″ to 6’1″
  • Backrest Height: 32.5″
  • Seat Depth: 20″
  • Seat Width: 15″
  • Height Range: 16.9″ to 20.9″

The GTracing gaming chair is one of the top choices for short men. It isn’t the tiniest gaming chair on our list, but if you’re only five foot four inches tall, it has the most value for your money in terms of price vs. features.

The adjustable seat height of 16.9 to 20.9 inches makes the chair suitable for short people down to 5’4″, allowing them to sit without the fears of their legs dangling. The seat width is also modest, at 15″, excluding the bolsters, which is good news if you’re tiny.

We discovered many things we loved while reviewing the GTRacing chair.

The GTRacing chair’s backrest recline is exceptionally robust, and it can recline to a near-horizontal 170 degrees. Add in a 20-degree tilt and tilt lock, and sitting in this chair isn’t just relaxing but also enjoyable for some people.

The GTRacing’s armrests, like the rest of the chair, are solid. They’re 3D and can pivot in and out to better support your forearms while typing or on the phone. The chair is one of the most comfortable chairs we’ve ever tested. It has a decently cushioned seat that we found soft yet supportive, making it suitable for extended periods of sitting. The foam is 3.1″ thick, which is excellent for people with a slight to medium build – that means under 200 pounds. We also appreciate the external neck cushion, which may be adjusted up and down up to 4′′ for better targeting of your neck whether you’re shorter.

Even after sitting in this chair for a long time, one user claims that they no longer have back discomfort. They can now play games, stream movies, work, or chat with friends without suffering from any pains.

GTracing gaming chair Pros & Cons

  • Suitable for short people down to 5’4″
  • Seat width is modest
  • Recline to a near-horizontal 170 degrees
  • 20-degree tilt and tilt lock
  • 3D armrests and can pivot in and out
  • Decently cushioned seat
  • Foam is 3.1″ thick
  • External neck cushion adjusted up and down up to 4′′
  • Tiniest gaming chair
  • Most for short persons

In conclusion, if you’re between 5’4″ and 6’1″ and under 230 pounds, the GTRacing gaming chair is a fantastic value for the best gaming chair for short person.

The Verdict

Regardless of the purpose, it’s critical to choose a chair that encourages correct sitting posture. This implies paying close attention to the backrest height, chair height, cushioning, seat size, and depth.

When you’re looking for the best gaming chair for short person, there are several things to keep in mind. For example, if you play for 8 to 10 hours each day working and gaming, the chair must fit well. For short people (or children), the five gaming chairs above are the finest in terms of comfortable fit for your body type. Save this page as it will be updated as new seats emerge that should be added to this list.

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